Conform Leadership Team

The fundamental differentiator of the EDETEK CONFORM™ Platform is that the entire lifecycle of clinical information management from the design of the protocol, to data collection, to standardization, to analysis/reporting, to eSubmission, and warehousing for future analysis are all driven by the metadata backbone while all business and scientific events are collected, monitored and acted on. There is one underlying foundation that links and bridges everything together.
Our team is dedicated to implement this vision. Everyone believes in the value of “end-to-end” thinking and invests their energy in assuring the EDETEK CONFORM™ platform of systems and processes supports and improves the flow of data throughout the entire clinical data lifecycle.


Jian is the founder, CEO and President of EDETEK and the visionary making all this possible. Jian is the cornerstone of our team just as the MDR he architected is the cornerstone for the EDETEK CONFORM™ Platform. Jian has 20+ years of experience in information management, statistics and business intelligence. Previously, Jian was the cofounder and CTO of Q-Square Business Intelligence, Inc.

Jian’s vision has leveraged the advancements in information technology to revolutionize existing business processes. The EDETEK CONFORM™ Platform provides a seamless integration of process and data (both structured and unstructured), allowing researchers to focus on business applications, as opposed to simply technology implementation.

Jian has an MBA Finance and Strategy degree from Columbia University, and an MS Biostatistics and Biomedical Engineering degree from Medical College of Virginia, School of Medicine.

Sr. Vice President Product Strategy

Peter has 25+ years of Information Technology experience in the Life Sciences industry. Peter leads the Product teams to ensure the EDETEK CONFORM™ Platform vision and philosophy is applied throughout. Throughout his career Peter participated in some of the industry’s most visible R&D business technology projects. Peter brought to production numerous eClinical, business process management, scientific activity monitoring and data warehousing applications into clinical trials. Peter is one of the key industry contributors to establish regulated clinical systems to the Public Cloud environment, and is a frequent presenter at industry conferences.

Previously Peter lead development and implementation of multiple systems for a top pharmaceutical, managed application architecture in a global R&D organization, directed clinical and preclinical IT for biotech, and served as the lead clinical systems architect for a CRO, and he managed a clinical technology consulting practice for a global systems integrator.

Peter has a Master’s Degree in Applied Math and Computer Sciences from the University of Kiev.

Vice President Product Services

Tom oversees all aspects of client engagements utilizing the EDETEK CONFORM™ Platform. Tom has 35+ years combined Information Technology and Information Management experience, the last 20+ years in Life Sciences. Throughout his Life Sciences career Tom has been a visionary in the development and implementation of data standards to facilitate the flow of data throughout the clinical data lifecycle.

Tom is a volunteer to CDISC’s SDS team since 2001, was a co-lead for the team when the SDTM was developed, is an acknowledged principal contributor to the SDTM, won the FDA’s Leveraging/Collaboration Award in 2005, and has trained over 1,000 people on the SDTM. In one calendar year Tom trained 41 two-day SDTM Introduction courses in 7 Countries and 10 US states.

Tom previously held senior leadership positions at multiple service providers establishing their clinical data standards activities, and multiple Pharmaceutical and Biotech’s helping them leverage the data standards for compliant eSubmission and internal process improvement.

Enterprise Architect

Joe is the lead Enterprise Architect applying leading edge technology to ensure the EDETEK CONFORM™ Platform vision and philosophy are applied throughout.

Joe has 25+ years experience in large/complex Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Data Architecture applications, delivering highly efficient systems to regulated Finance and Pharmaceutical Research organizations. He embraces systems based on elastic cloud technologies, designed using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) principles and hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform.

Joe has a Master’s Degree in Applied Physics from the University of Riga.

Sr. Product Sales Director

Mark leads Business Development activities bringing the EDETEK CONFORM™ Platform vision and philosophy to clients. Mark has 15+ years experience in Business Development supporting R&D technology and services designed to improve ROI throughout the Clinical Data Lifecycle (CDMS to eSubmission).

Mark has prior experience working for several Life Sciences SaaS-based organizations developing technologies designed to put clinical trial data into the hands of decision makers throughout the trial lifecycle.